Monday, November 8, 2010

What's New Scooby Doo?

I'm tired of Velma. There. I said it. Time to move on and complete the cast of Mystery Inc. like I said I would (to no one) a long time ago. Scooby's the hardest of the bunch, I think, to model, rig, and animate.

Scoob's a very stylized Great Dane. His proportions are about right, but he's all angles, knoby knees, and teethy grins. He has very wild takes, opens his jaw very wide (to accommodate big sandwiches), and walks bipedaly sometimes. He talks sometimes, too. These are all gonna make this rig a heck of a challenge.

Started this morning on the modeling. This is about five hours in. The biggest hiccup I've run into so far was his paws. I derp'ed and gave him only three toes on each foot before I realized my mistake. His paws will need to be plantable with toe-spread to show his weight, and....they'll need to be articulateable because Scoob gestures like a person with regular hands does.

Some editing of the style sheets was needed here.

Head and body are separate pieces of geometry.

Things next to do are eyes, throat (he'll need a very large throat), teeth (they'll need to be retractable 'cause you only see them them at appropriate times) and a great big Great Dane tongue.

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