Monday, November 22, 2010


What a Tavern Bully. Sheesh! Some more rig work for Cerebus the Aardvark from What Comix. Make sure to check it out! Here's a demo of the muscle bound oaf:

All muscles are geometrical influences. Most of the influences are expression driven to create their deformation. And all deformable meshes are override-able via a small control located off the left hip.

English translation: Muscles move by themselves but can be controlled if need be. It's a cool system.

Oddly, the most difficult portion of this rig was the chest belt. It had to move with the torso and also has to get out of the way of the deforming muscles. What I did for this situation (since it was one whole mesh) was to skin the back side to the spine joints, and create several free floating joints that are completely free to move in space at the front of the torso. They'll move with the spine, but are free to be moved and rotated to simulate sitting on a fast moving body. A simple solution, really.

On to the next rig! Yea!! (I love this shit.)

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